So in Lab Rat Rattmann has Chell’s file with him.


It has her interview and her photo in in.


Doug got that file a few weeks after GLaDOS had taken over.


That file would have had the same picture in it. Chell was interviewed as an adult when Doug was what the fandom refers to as young Doug.

I don’t think that there’s much of an age gap between them.

Secondly, I don’t think GLaDOS took over on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, but rather on Bring Your Cat To Work Day.

The potato project with her name on it in Portal 2 heavily implies that Chell had a connection with Aperture as a child and was present at BYDTWD. I keep finding things that say GLaDOS was first activated on BYDTWD, but no canonical sources. Assuming this is true, GLaDOS could not have taken over on BYDTWD, as Chell was only a child then and the file photo from Lab Rat would not match up.

I’m thinking that GLaDOS was first activated on BYDTWD, attempted to kill everyone, but was shut down instead and lost her neurotoxin privileges. The section with the science projects was sealed off. Aperture then started working on the cores to control GLaDOS.

After the final cores were developed (Emotion, Intelligence, Curiosity, and Morality), GLaDOS managed to convince the scientists that she wasn’t interested in killing anymore, just science. She requested neurotoxin for the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment for Bring Your Cat To Work Day and the request was granted.


Then she kill (almost) everyone on BYCTWD.

Including the cats.


Of course, there could have been multiple BYDTWDs, but I don’t think that they would have done them again after the first incident.

Besides, cats are so much better to have at work than children.

I’m also thinking that Chell was in stasis on BYCTWD. Even though she was rejected as being too tenacious, Aperture couldn’t have let anyone just leave with knowledge of what they’re doing. She was far down on the test queue anyway, so I don’t think that they expected to ever actually get to her.

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